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The fastest growing movement in South Africa with a unique strategy to tackling Social Injustice and Socio-Economic issues. Consolidating our position within civil society and enabling civil society organizations to take on key issues relating to leadership and governance.


Our leadership is a loose network of activists led by a strong steering committee. We believe that solutions to any societal problem must of necessity come from people within that affected community. #NOTINMYNAME is driving the  campaign of “solutions by the people for the people”


We are a people’s movement that focuses on sustainable positive change in the lives of our people. We are a counter-veiling force to those who intent on undermining our civil liberties and constitution. We are mobilizing sectors, organizations and individuals to fight any form of social injustices, corruption and erosion of our democracy, and to restore pride and dignity in our people.

Key Issues.

To increase awareness of this pandemic in South Africa. To educate and enlighten perpetrators and potential perpetrators with the intention of changing mindsets and ultimately negative behavior.

  • Instilling a sense of activism among ordinary people in the long term.
  • Building institutional capacity for active citizenship at all levels of society.
  • Ensuring the country has civil leadership that speaks truth to power.
  • Helping citizens handle issues of public dissatisfaction in a non-destructive manner.